So What’s My Story?

Originally from Montreal Quebec, I studied broadcast engineering technologies at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary after graduating I worked at the Calgary Science Centre (now Telus World of Science: Calgary) as the Chief Projectionist/Technician.

In 2008 I moved to Victoria BC, to start up an independent record label with producer/composer Daniel Martins, this was when I really started to get into graphic and web design. I had a lot of fun in Victoria but I ended up moving out east to find better work opportunities.

New to Toronto as of 2017, I fell in love with this city and hopefully stick around as long as possible.


Things I Love To Do

Graphic & Web Design

I started designing my websites in 2001, and fell in love with the possibilities and challenges that come with designing for the web. Currently I’m focusing on honing my responsive design techniques creating website that are optimized to be viewed on desktops, tablets and phones without losing the feel of the site.

I’m also getting started in working on designing WordPress themes, I’ve worked with WordPress as an administrator and have edited themes before, my next project will be my first theme, and the next evolution of my website. Part of this process is to build my web development skills including PHP (an essential part of WordPress) and JavaScript.

I also have worked extensively in print, designing media, promotional, marketing and advertising materials for a number of clients and employers.

Audio/Visual Production

Trained as broadcast engineer at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, I’ve worked in a wide range production technical /creative roles over the last decade including: audio engineering, video editing, and motion graphics and music composition/production.

From simple PowerPoint to complex multimedia presentations and installations, I can help out in almost every facet of your production from conception to completion.

Marketing Services

Training at Camosun’s School of Business Victoria has turned me on to the exciting, and often complicated, possibilities of public relations, marketing and business. I can bring experience and expertise in Brand Indetity SEO, Social Media Marketing to the table.

If you need an enthusiastic, competent creative to augment your team, I’d love to help out.

Other Things I Do:

Theatre Technical

Growing up in a theatre family I’ve been involved in tech side of theatre since I was old enough to carry tools to my Da, since then I’ve worked on set construction, sound reinforcement and lighting design for a variety of projects.

After a short tour of duty at A-Channel Calgary as the junior engineer, I worked for six years at the Calgary Science Centre as the Chief Projectionist and Engineer in the planetarium, the Discovery Dome Theatre. I had a lot of fun at this job, and learned many new skills they didn't teach in college, such as machining, welding, and harness climbing. I continued working with stage production after I left the Science Centre in 2008, working as a l stage tech for Tumbleweeds Theatre and other theatre groups.

Theatre has and always will have special place on my heart, and if you have a production that needs some extra arms, I’d love to help out.

Business Services

Training at the Camosun School of Business has given some valuable secondary skills. In addition to improving my marketing and writing skills, I've taken courses in: Market Research, Finance, Ec t onomics, Statistics, Information Systems Management and Managerial Accounting.

Working in teams is order of the day at the School of Business so project management and being a team leader are quickly learned skills. Juggling as many as five full term projects at a time becomes a crash course in time management, people skills and multi-tasking. I’m very grateful to Camosun College and the teams I worked in to give me the chance to build up these skills, and give me more tools to use in future projects.

Electronics/Shop Tech

I was originally trained as a Broadcast Maintenance Engineer at the SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology), working on troubleshooting and repairing high-end broadcast equipment. I've also expanded my tech skills to include machining, fabrication, pneumatics/hydraulics and working with tube-based electronics. I don't have a workspace right now, but if you have the tools and the space I’d be happy to help out around the shop.

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